{30 days} of thankful

a thankful heart prepares the way for you, my God.

this line from an old Waterdeep song keeps finding its way into my mind these days. that's not the natural direction of my mind + heart these days, as i more easily find myself tired + overwhelmed, in disbelief at how time is quickly flying by, apathetic about work, and trying to find the spare time for a trip to the grocery store. {oh yeah, did i mention worrying about car insurance after hitting a deer and continually bandaging my leg from a recent dog bite?}

and then on sunday, God's abundant grace took me off guard when i least expected it, and definitely did not deserve it. yesterday was a rare, busy day for our church, that came at the end of a busy week + overnight trip to NC. after getting to church early for a meeting, i was whole-heartedly resistant + negative about the idea of going to the evening baptism + dinner service. but i went. more out of obligation than anything else. and there, in the midst of a dunking pool + very random potluck dinner, my heart was nourished with songs of hope and refreshing conversation with good friends, who know my stories, struggles, and joys.

i can only conclude that there is much to be thankful for, even on the days i cannot seem to muster up much gratitude.

i was thinking about all of this on my drive to work this morning. and i remembered a time during a really difficult season of life when i had this tiny notebook in which i wrote 3 things everyday. they were 3 things to be thankful for, 3 good things. some days, those things were tiny, seemingly insignificant things. and yet, that practice, a tiny notebook that recorded when i heard a great song on the radio and had someone say hello on a sidewalk, it was part of what carried me through.

so now, december 2011, in the midst of a jam-packed + busy season and in anticipation of Christmas, i want to renew that practice of thankfulness, to open my eyes to the goodness around me, and to share that with you. i know this whole "30 days of ..." is no original idea of mine: i've seen many people blogging or facebooking about such things {and it is difficult for me to copy others' ideas}.

the challenge: to record something for which i give thanks each day for 30 days.

i am hopeful for how my heart will change during this season of thankfulness. i desire new eyes to see goodness + beauty around me. i expect to need grace for the process.

katie anne

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