{30 days} of thankful : day 14, or whatever

i didn't plan to take a break from posting while on Christmas vacation. in fact, i had been excited for how easy it would be to write about being thankful, when i would be spending nearly a week celebrating Christmas with 8 of my very most favorite people on the planet. but, alas, to my parents' frustration, their wireless network has been down, and it was never very tempting to leave everyone's company by the beautifully decorated tree and the warmth of the blazing fire to type {i find myself being thankful for the non-working wireless, sorry mom & dad}.

so, i spent the last week soaking up the blessings and being effortlessly thankful.

thankful for delicious dinners and playing {lots of} games; for singing Christmas songs at my old church; for thoughtful handmade gifts and the constant car noises of my nephew; for a late night conversation and afternoon walks; for catching up with old friends and delighting in a friend's pregnancy. i am thankful for rest.

and i probably won't ever forget my oh-so-effective reverse psychology on Cahya that resulted in some of the sweetest smiles and hugs ever! {"whatever you do Cahya, don't give me a hug" resulted in a grin & open arms that quickly wrapped themselves around me. ahh!}

katie anne

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