{30 days} of thankful : day 1

my hunch was spot on.

i had a feeling a few days ago, when i decided to embark on this challenge to turn my heart toward gratitude, that this might be difficult. the phrase "a sacrifice of praise" came to mind. what i didn't expect, though, was how quickly i might be challenged. last night and today were discouraging in some ways, which i won't get into now, and my heart isn't all bubbly or happy, or really even wanting to focus on gratitude. but, it was definitely good for me to think about the things i can be thankful for as i moved throughout my day.

today i am thankful for ... my friend Sue, who works at our CSA pickup site. she responded to my grumbling about the windy, cold rain by gently reminding me that at least it wasn't colder, like a night last year when the rain turned to ice on the produce waiting to be taken home. (she also gave me a good deal on apples!)

    ... and for the rabbit hopping alongside my driveway when i got home, no doubt seeking shelter from the storm.

    ... and for phone calls with BOTH of my sisters today !!!

katie anne

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