{30 days} of thankful : day 9

it's no secret that my job is a frustrating disappointment. i have unthinkable amounts of time without anything to do, and most of the work i do isn't actually counseling. more days than not, i'm thinking and trying to plan a way out of this job. and maybe even out of the profession of counseling.

and then, yesterday {for the first time in quite some time}, i actually got to do therapy with two sets of clients. and both sessions went really well. it felt good to dig deep and see that the skills and gifts are still there to help others in this way. to get a glimpse of why i chose this profession. and then today, i got an email from a grad school colleague, who shared a simple, but powerful affirmation of my gifting as a counselor. i can't quite put words to how much all this meant, especially in light of the months of doubting my career, my calling, myself in all of this.

for these reminders and the truth they contain, i give thanks.

i don't know what the future holds for me in my career and work situation. these events don't actually change anything, and yet, i am changed by remembering the hope + purpose i once felt. hold onto it.

katie anne

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