{30 days} of thankful : day 3

yesterday was a great day. a day of rest and being filled back up, to overflowing. a respite from the previous week, for sure. a day of fellowship with friends. i took a sick / mental health day off from work, and was able to rest, have a good workout at a new gym, take care of some much-needed tasks around the house, enjoy being creative, and get a good great haircut.

i am most thankful for ... the Christmas party for those of us in positions of leadership and service at our church. we were served a lovely + tasty dinner, connecting with friends, and laughter. we also shared a time of intentional encouragement and thanksgiving for one another, which was amazing and life-giving, both to receive words from others and to hear words spoken over others. it was a rich time of recognizing the part each of us play in the big picture of God's kingdom.

  ... also, we got a picture of ourselves {which doesn't happen too often}!

katie anne

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  1. Oh, this makes me well up with tears. I'm so thankful.