{30 days} of thankful : day 11

"shalom is the presence of the goodness of God. it's the presence of wholeness, completeness"
                                                                                          {rob bell, velvet elvis}

this Christmas, this year, we have peace. not the absence of struggles, brokenness, or trials. it's not just about eliminating busyness and streamlining our schedules. as we were reminded at church, we can have peace because we can know the Person of Peace, Jesus.

when the angels appeared to shepherds on the night Jesus was born, they proclaimed peace on earth {luke 2.14}. Jesus healed a woman from 12 years of bleeding, and His words to her were "go in peace" {luke 7.50}. He desires us to live in peace: with God, each other, + within ourselves. and He has made the way: Himself.

but how easily i can forget. i get focused on my job or the things i lack {in the scheme of things, i lack nothing}, my state of being can feel shaken by circumstances, in spite of the reality that my life is rooted + grounded in the Prince of Peace.

i am thankful for this reminder, this truth. and for the freedom that i experienced today.

peace be with you.
katie anne

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