{30 days} of thankful : day 10

i am so thankful for renewed creativity.

maybe grad school took it out of me. or my deadbeat job. whatever the cause, it feels like the last few years have been pretty dry for me, creatively. but, during the last several weeks, i've been inspired. the vibrant, wild bittersweet growing around our yard lured me outside on chilly days, clippers in hand, with {successful!} hopes of making wreaths and decorative arranagements.

my knitting needles have also been busy, and i learned the hard way that stockings are far more difficult than i imagined. and today, i'm working on actualizing my vision for Christmas garlands. {next up: making the second stocking. fingers crossed it'll be finished by Christmas!}

- katie anne

p.s. if you are wanting some crafty inspiration, i am currently LOVING this site, which is where i borrowed the stocking pattern i used.

p.s.s. i also made a little something-something for my sister's puppy, which will be joining us for Christmas. but, for the sake of surprises... i'll have to keep it a secret for now :)

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