{30 days} of thankful : day 13

there aren't many things i'm more thankful for than the people in my life, and certainly at the top of that list is my sweet mom. she celebrated her 60th birthday this week {she makes 60 look great, doesn't she!}, so i'd like to take a moment to share my heartfelt thanks for mom.

she is the kind of person who, when i called her on her birthday, was excited to be making sweet potato casserole for our christmas dinner, even though she doesn't really like it herself. she is a selfless person, who enjoys finding ways to help and serve all kinds of people: whether her family, her 6th grade sunday school class, her many friends, and the at-risk boy she tutors in reading. she is the person who waves and talks with every Publix employee, and befriends random neighbors whom she meets on her early morning walks. the kind of person that most people think of as one of their best friends.

my mom is hands down the best cook i know. famous for her sour cream coffee cakes and eager to bring a meal to anyone in need, she is also very patient with my phone calls with cooking questions about poaching eggs or baking times or, well, pretty much anything.

thanks, mom, for EVERYTHING, always.

with love,
katie anne

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  1. What gorgeous pics. I want copies of both, pretty please, ma'am.