hi. thanks for visiting. i started this blog in may 2011, at the beginning of a season of great uncertainties and in the middle of a job with a discouraging amount of downtime. my hope is to be an encouragement {to me + you}, to motivate and inspire creativity, to reflect and remember.

my life is grounded in the gracious, radical love of Jesus, and i'm blessed with a husband, family, and friends who bring great joy, laughter, and truth to my life.

as i enter my 30's, i see with more clarity, grow in peace, and realize that the path my life is on is good, although not quite what i expected. i have a master's degree in counseling, yet find myself in a desk job that keeps me longing for more, and unsure of what the more is.

in the meantime, i find joy in cooking and sharing meals with my husband and friends; hiking and marveling at autumnal leaves; exploring the local food bounty of charlottesville; leading a community group of people hungry to know God more; seeking out good bluegrass; and reading far too many cooking blogs at work.

// katie anne

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