{30 days} of thankful : day 5

yesterday was a day of full of babies: baby dedication sunday at church. meeting + holding our friends' 2 week old sweet baby boy for the first time. and dinner with more good friends and their 4 month old girl. she is at the wonderful age of starting to smile and interact, which is just plain fun.

last sunday, we got a bit overwhelmed by the number of people around us who are pregnant and who have recently had a baby. it took us a few minutes to be able to even think of other young couples we know who AREN'T new or soon-to-be parents. don't get me wrong, i am thrilled for all of our friends, beginning the journey of parenthood and treasuring tiny toes + noses. there surely can't be many things as or more joyful + precious as new life. and at the same time, it can feel difficult at times to feel left out of this new stage of life, to be "behind schedule" compared to those around me.

and yet, today i am thankful for ... the great gift of new life + beauty + God's creativity evident in the babies and pregnancies all around. and for the feeling of little baby hands wrapped around my finger.

   ... and i am thankful for the grace to move beyond comparisons with others' lives, and to find joy + peace in where our lives are right now, to enjoy uninterrupted nights of sleep, easy trips out of town, and date nights out. to keep on waiting {for a while!} until that next step of life is right + good for us.

katie anne

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