{30 days} of thankful : days 23 + 24

i know, i know. 2 days in 1 post. i'm cheating, or how about just bending the rules. being flexible. {flexibility is a good thing, right? i'm glad we agree on that.}

in my defense, i've come down with an awful cold, i'm running on a combined total of about 9 hours of sleep in the last 3 nights combined, & i'm back at work struggling to bide my time in between meetings today. {new moms out there: you have my deepened respect for carrying on with the sleep deprivation. at least i only have to take care of myself.}

i'm going to be vague today, since the things for which i am hopeful + thankful are still in the process of being figured out and made into reality. there are a few really exciting opportunities in the near future for myself, as well as tim + i together, to be involved in service + outreach here in out community, and possibly beyond. a desire for such opportunities has been germinating in our hearts lately, as human pursuits of consumerism, politics, wealth, & ease continue to be exposed at the dead-end, unfulfilling pursuits that they are. we hope to see these opportunities sprout + grow, to experience + participate in pursuits with true + lasting value.

peace out.

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