{30 days} of thankful : day 25

i confess i was hoping that the final week of my 20's would be a little more exciting than coming down with one of the worst colds i've probably ever had. so far, that hasn't been the case, but at least there are still a few days left before the big 3.0. on the plus side, i'm feeling tons better (though not quite back to normal), thanks to my regime of sudafed, mucinex dm, emergen-c immune+, cold-eze lozenges, oranges, kleenex lotion tissues, vick's vaporub, and yogi throat soothing tea. i took one of the few naps of my life after work on wednesday, which i give responsibility to changing the course of my cold. before that, i just kept going downhill.

as much as i hate being sick, it makes me extra thankful for my health + overall wellness, and brings empathy for those who live with poor health or chronic illness. that would be a difficult life. i work hard to be healthy, but never want to take that for granted.

i also started working with my new supervisor yesterday, after 2 1/5 months without one, which is a major boost to my hopes of ever getting licensure & getting out of my stupid job.

anyway, here's to feeling better and moving forward!


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