{30 days} of thankful : day 16

as my extended vacation draws to a close {i've worked all of 1 day in the past 11 days!}, i find myself thankful for many, many things over these past several days.

i am thankful for ... a brief 20 minutes of snow this afternoon, while soup simmered on the stovetop.

    ... that today's date is 1.2.12

    ... for today, unlike yesterday, not finding a mouse nest built on top of hanging clothes in the closet.

    ... for our quiet celebration at home on new year's eve {and for the delicious pan seared scallops & balsamic roasted root vegetable dinner we savored!}

    ... for last night's sunset, which lit up the glowing pink bottoms of puffy rows of clouds, which reminded me of God's comfort and presence.

    ... and for the outtakes from our family photo over Christmas!

katie anne

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