{30 days} of thankful : day 29

i am really thankful that today is friday. i am sleepy, tired of being at work, & in need of some respite. i'm not sure how to characterize this week: there have been both amazing parts and also parts to it which reminded me of my desperate need for God's grace. i am thankful that grace shows up in my life when i least deserve it + most need it.

i'm looking forward to reflecting on this experiment of giving thanks. although it's been a much longer journey {on here} than i'd anticipated, i am quite confident that the timing has been right + good. i don't struggle any less, but i notice myself more quickly moving through disappointments + struggles to hold onto grace + fix my eyes on the goodness around me.

one last thing today. i can hardly believe that i've neglected to share with you about this band, which i can't seem to get enough of. their music is beautiful + complex, their lyrics filled with themes of growing up, moving far away from family, figuring out who you are, + finding love. it's perfect for belting out in the car or listening to while cooking dinner at the end of a long day. i both cry + laugh along with their songs. seriously. do yourself a favor and spend a few minutes listening to the head + the heart when you get a chance. i am thankful for the comfort i find in their music.

katie anne

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