{30 days} of thankful : day 26

i woke up today with a full heart. {my head & sinus cavities are also quite full, but don't worry. i'll spare you.} my 30th birthday celebration was yesterday. a number which, at times, still seems a bit crazy. we had a house full of friends + food + drink.  i love celebrations; i'm not sure if it's a love language, but it could be one of mine. i woke up this morning feeling God's love through the people that were around us yesterday, remembering a verse in isaiah: "because you are precious to me. you are honored, and I love you" {43:4}. there was a moment later in the day when i struggled to remember this. the trap of comparison seems to lay in wait to ensnare us, if not careful. so i will try to hold onto this love, from the people in my life, and ultimately from the Lord, who knows + loves us all fully.


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