worn out + thankful

today there is much reason to be exhausted and discouraged ... and much reason to be grateful. tim and i have been house-hopping for 15 days now, while we are in-between leases. through the hospitality and generosity of friends, we have had a bed + warm shower, electricity, and encouragement + laughter every single night. God has provided abundantly through the hearts and hands of our community. we are blessed.

and tired. this whole uprooted adventure has gone much more smoothly and enjoyably than i had anticipated. and, then yesterday i about fell apart. i am trying to navigate a new job, while my supervisors are on vacation, haven't had an actual office to work in yet, and just felt d.o.n.e.  i'm really seeing that after this long of "vacation," structure and a predictable routine provide so much comfort and a sense of stability. not that i want to be a slave to those things, but, i'm ready for my own bed and kitchen. for rest.

i'm tempted to think of us as being homeless right now. well, i was thinking that until a week ago, when i met my first clients as a crisis intervention counselor who are, in fact, homeless for all practical purposes. they live part time in a truck and part time in a shed without water or electricity. they are desperate for a change, and in serious survival mode; and yet they manage to be pretty resourceful people. they are a reminder of all the abundance i've been given, despite the challenges of the past few weeks.

so, i'll try my best to choose to let thankfulness reign over discouragement and fatigue, with a heart full of thankfulness to all of the helping hands around us.

katie anne

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