we are finally in! ahh... as i've mentioned, this move has been a long, drawn-out event*, but it feels so good to be HOME! here is a glimpse of our new [rental] home:

one of the things that sold us on this cabin is the amount of light that pours in through the big windows - my favorite being the windows by the kitchen sink [as seen in picture 3]... i don't think washing dishes could be more pleasant! you can sort of see one of our remaining sets of unpacked boxes - we're on an unintentional unpacking hiatus, which has meant we've been able to enjoy settling in and living here.

so, in honor of having our own kitchen [and a glorious one at that] and in an attempt to continue eating as much summer fruit as possible, i made these raw peach bars. yum! they are too health-ful to be considered a dessert, but do an amazing job at satisfying a sweet tooth [and aren't bad with an accompanying scoop of vanilla bean ice cream]. and with just 3 steps, they are as easy as pie... i mean, much much easier than pie!

due to a nearly-really-bad camera mishap, i lost the pictures i took of these peach bars. sorry! since i love making and eating fruit desserts, there will be more to come.

summer peach bars.
[adapted from whole living magazine - they used strawberries]

3 peaches
1 1/2 cups pitted Medjool dates
1/4 cup macadamia nuts
4 Tbsp old-fashioned rolled oats [not instant]
a pinch of sea salt

what to do:
* roughly chop the dates. put dates, oats, macadamia nuts, and sea salt into a food processor and pulse until combined well. press the mixture into a 9 x 5 inch loaf pan.
* peel and cut up one of the peaches. in a small bowl, use a fork to mash [doesn't have to be perfect, but it will kinda look like baby food]. spread over the crust layer.
* slice the other peaches neatly [keeping the peel on gives it a nice color, but it's your choice] and neatly layer on top of the peach-spread.
* cut into squares and enjoy! your body will be thanking you for the beta-carotene, fiber, and nutrients included in this treat.

katie anne

- - - - - - - - -
* one thing that repeatedly gives me new eyes and perpective on my live is looking at the lives of people around me. not in the way we often make comparisons, when we're trying to make judgments about good/bad, better/worse. but, more in a way that sees and appreciates the shared challenges we face with others. case in point: my older sister callie just had a much worse, much more expensive, and much more drawn out move, when she journeyed from massachusetts to arizona. to spare you the details, one month later she's finally settling her stuff into her new place, and lost somewhere in the great US of A, her bedframe and mattresses are missing her greatly.


  1. I love your house; love it. It looks amazing.

  2. And, I want to see more pictures.

  3. pretty soon i'll post some of tim's [much better] pictures on here.