a celebration of one

yesterday, our marriage turned one!

in many ways, it's hard to believe it's been a whole year. 12 months. 4 seasons. 365 days. i was 28 [and a half] when we got married, so needless to say, i spent a lot of years waiting and hoping for my wedding day to arrive. some days i wake up and can hardly believe that marriage came true for me. and to think it's been a whole year of living life as a wife to my best friend, well, some days it almost feels too good to be true. and yet, being married feels so natural, so right that, well, i wonder that it's only been a single year.

i struggled to share my thoughts and feelings to tim in the card i gave him, and i find myself struggling now to do justice in writing to this year we've just finished. it has been such a sweet, fun, growing year. complete with its share of challenges, yes, and still so good i find myself excited for each new year we have together, with all the unknowns in store. i'm thankful for so much: for breakfasts and dinners, coming home to each other at the end of the workday, for how totally cute tim is when i wake him up in the mornings, and how expressive and thankful he is for dinners i make. and, at the same time, i've also seen the ways i'm impatient and selfish, and how my words and actions have the potential to either build him up or tear down. i am walking the road of growing from a fiercely independent woman toward surrendering my will and being more unified, partners.

and in all of this, i can see that marriage is good. and i can hardly wait to soak up each day and week and month that awaits.

katie anne

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