there is a tantruming kid in the waiting area outside of my office. i've never heard anyone wail NNNOOOOOOoooo" in quite the same way, with such volume and variety. he's probably about 4 or 5, and he is out. of. control. i don't know enough about this child to really know what is going on with him, but one thing is for sure: he is unsteady, ungrounded, flailing at life.

this past weekend, i was that kid. no, i wasn't screaming and yelling and disobeying everything my mom said. but, in my heart, i was flailing around, unsteadied and overwhelmed by things around me. it hit me this morning during breakfast - my eyes have been on the frustrating things in life: job, not going anywhere for labor day weekend, planning an event for church... the list could go on for a while. i've been short tempered and selfish, my vision is short-sighted.

{wow, the kid just left. it is unbelievably quiet in here now ... crazy as it sounds, it was hard to fully appreciate his volume until he left. oh no, just kidding. he's back.}

like this screaming kid, if i'm not grounding myself in something secure and firm, then i will be rocked by everything that comes my way, like a boat at sea. this weekend, i lost sight of God's goodness as my foothold. so the reminder this morning that He sees and knows me, and has my good in mind was life-giving {and attitude-changing, for sure}.

                        "He alone is my rock and salvation, my fortress; i shall not be shaken."
                                                                                                          {psalm 62.2}

katie anne

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